Specializing in Elegant Linens for Your Wedding Day

Congratulations on setting your date! Now the real work begins. Sohn Linen Service offers:

  • Napkins (over 20 colors)
  • Tablecloths
  • Round Tablecloths
  • White Table Skirting
  • 132 x 90 or 156 x 90 Table Covers (alternative to table skirting)

Consider the following when placing your linen order:

  • Please verify the type (round, rectangular, square) and dimensions of the tables you are covering.
  • Visit our website at www.sohnlinen.com or call (800) 292-8689 for color and size availability.
  • To place your order, please call our office 7-10 days prior to pick up (online ordering is not available.)
  • Rentals are based on a weekend rental (pick up on Thursday or Friday and return on Monday.)
  • A deposit is required to ensure all linen is returned and undamaged.
  • The total cost of your rental and deposit will be given to you upon placing your order, this payment is due at time of pick up via cash, credit card or personal check.

When returning your linen:

  • When returning your linen, we ask that you do NOT launder the linen.
  • Please shake out the crumbs and debris and fold the linen so our staff can count it in a timely manner.
  • Deposit will be returned after linen has been accounted for and lost or damaged items have been paid for.
  • Damages to linen include burns, candle wax, markers and cuts or holes in the linen. (Don’t worry about spills such as wine, punch, coffee or tea—we can get these out.)

Contact Sohn Linen Service today!