Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Make Medical Apparel and Patient Gowns Part of Your OSHA Solution

sohn-linen-medical-apparel1Sohn Linen provides fresh, hygienically clean textiles that are reused and recycled—let’s work together to reduce waste and build a sustainable future!

As a medical professional, you are aware that it is of the utmost importance to seek solutions that are both mindful of our environment and cost-saving for your business without having a negative impact on the patient care you provide. Increasing your use of reusable medical textiles is one way to green up your operations, reduce medical waste and improve your bottom line.

Before you place your next order for disposables, take a look at how Sohn Linen can assist you in reducing waste and help build a sustainable future:

Convenience: Sohn Linen offers the most comprehensive array of medical apparel and products in the industry. All products are cleaned and processed in accordance with stringent OSHA standards. We will deliver the right quantity of fresh, hygienically clean linen to your door based on a schedule that suits your needs.

Image: What type of image are you wanting to convey to your patients? People don’t wear paper clothing, so why require your patients to wear paper gowns? A visit to the doctor can be stressful enough without being concerned about privacy. Also, studies show that patients are more at ease when your entire staff projects a professional image.

Savings: The list of savings is endless when you switch from using an on-premise laundry to outsourcing your linen and laundry services to Sohn Linen. You can cut laundry production payroll, management payroll, employee benefits, laundry chemicals, maintenance, utilities, equipment costs, etc. Sohn Linen offers straight-forward billing and you will only be billed for items that are processed. Each of our garments is individually tagged and micro-chipped to ensure accurate tracking and delivery.

Reduce Medical Waste: According to the New England Journal of Medicine, hospitals generate approximately 6,700 tons of waste daily. The American Medical Association estimates that by using reusable linen products and engaging in recycling methods, hospitals can reduce surgical waste by 73% in weight and 93% in volume.

How is Sohn Linen Contributing to the Solution?

  • Invested in equipment to reduce our water usage
  • Recycle our used water
  • Use heat from waste water to pre-heat cold water
  • Recycle cardboard, wood pallets, scrap steel, etc.
  • Replaced old light fixtures with efficient lighting
  • Installed motion detector switches where feasible
  • State of the art routing program for more efficient routes

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